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Positiv Development retail We didn't know what to expect when we approached Phil at Positiv Development.   Its fair to say we were pleasantly surprised! He has been a constant source of inspiration, help and advice and very comfortable to work with Positiv Development Consultants

Coaching for business

Our experience is in building and developing business, you are an expert in your own field... together we will be a perfect team.

Our background is commercial banking across many business sectors. In this time we learned the skills, practices and attitudes required to make all businesses successful and we know these are easily transferable. Indeed we work very successfully with many clients across a wide variety of industries.

Your knowledge and expertise in your industry, together with our energy, enthusiasm and over 30 years experience in sales and marketing, will make us an unbeatable team. 

We can provide a truly independent overview of your business activity, help you to identify areas for improvement, and work with you to make positive change. Whether you require on going support, or help with specific issues, we have a solution. If you would like to know more, click on our case studies below:

The key difference with Positiv Development is that, although we are expert in increasing turnover and profitability, we take a holistic approach, looking at your business as a whole, how it appears to the outside world, relationships with customers and suppliers and importantly, your own employees.

Of course we will help you with strategy, planning and problem solving but it's important for us to understand how you see your business now, and how you want it to look in the future. 

Most of our clients were too busy to take a step back and really look at their business. We helped them find the time, and very often find answers from within themselves, that we helped to put into practice.

Solutions are very often a series of small incremental steps rather than one massive leap. Let us help you now!

Our Services:

  • In depth Business Review
  • Business Improvement
  • Business Growth
  • Business transformation
  • Management advice
  • Performance improvement
  • Sales improvement
  • Marketing advice

Why Choose Positiv Development?

  • 30 years industry experience
  • Preparation of planning, design and access statements and supporting plans
  • Preparation of commercial feasibility reports for green field development
  • Coordination specialist advisors to secure structural surveys, transportation assessments, protected species and ecological reports and visual impact assessments
  • Planning applications for change of use, new land uses and temporary planning
  • Identifying localised competitive facilities
  • Understanding of terminology and phrasing used by local authorities


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