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About Us

2017 saw us celebrate our 21st anniversary helping small to medium size businesses (SME’s) to meet and often exceed their goals and expectations. 

Over the past 21 years we have had the pleasure of supporting 23 Holiday (caravan) parks, 7 lodge parks, 5 camping & caravan parks, 3 estate agencies, 2 recruitment consultancies and more sole trader and family businesses than we care to count.

A large number of the businesses we worked with were on the verge of serious financial difficulties, some thought that their markets had changed but they didn’t know how to change with them, others knew they could improve their business but did not know where to begin. 

We work with all our clients using our unique and bespoke methods to ensure business improvement and continued success.

Although we help clients across most industries we have always had  a close affinity with holiday parks and have even developed our own holiday haven just outside St Osyth in Essex, The Pretty Thing 

If you're interested in our long but interesting negotiations with planning, you can read our blog The Pretty Thing - Glamping

Consultancy Services

We provide an independent overview of your business activity, help you to identify areas for improvement and work with you to make positive change. Whether you require on going support or help with specific issues, we can help.  

Your knowledge and expertise in your industry, together with our energy, enthusiasm and over 30 years experience in sales and marketing, will make us an unbeatable team.


We didn’t know what to expect when we approached Phil at Positiv Development, its fair to say we were surprised.

He has been a constant source of inspiration, help and advice and very comfortable to work with"


This is still the comment that we are proudest of in our 21 years. 

We always knew we were different because, although we are expert in increasing turnover and profitability, we look at your whole business, how it appears to the outside world, relationships with customers and suppliers and importantly, your own employees.

Of course we will help you with strategy, planning and problem solving but it's important for us to understand how you see your business now, and how it will look in 5 years.  Most of our clients were too busy to take a step back and really look at their business.  We helped them find the time, and very often find answers from within themselves, that we helped to put into practice.

Solutions are very often a series of small incremental steps rather than one massive leap. Let us help you!

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